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Note: the complete upgrade process requires more than just the transactions in this contract. These are only the ones that need to be performed atomically.


constructor(address _governor, address _existingVoting, address _newVoting, address _finder, address _setMigratedAddress) (public)

Removes an address from the whitelist.


  • _governor: the Governor contract address.
  • _existingVoting: the current/existing Voting contract address.
  • _newVoting: the new Voting deployment address.
  • _finder: the Finder contract address.
  • _setMigratedAddress: the address to set migrated. This address will be able to continue making calls to old voting contract (used to claim rewards on others' behalf). Note: this address can always be changed by the voters.
upgrade() (external)

Performs the atomic portion of the upgrade process.

This method updates the Voting address in the finder, sets the old voting contract to migrated state, and returns ownership of the existing Voting contract and Finder back to the Governor.