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Helper contract to enable a disputer to hold one reserver currency and dispute against any number of financial contracts. Is assumed to be called by a DSProxy which holds reserve currency.


swapDispute(address uniswapRouter, address financialContract, address reserveCurrency, uint256 liquidationId, address sponsor, uint256 maxReserveTokenSpent, uint256 deadline) (public)

Swaps required amount of reserve currency to collateral currency which is then used to dispute a liquidation.

Any collateral the contract has will be used before anything is purchased on Uniswap.


  • uniswapRouter: address of the uniswap router used to facilitate trades.
  • financialContract: address of the financial contract on which the liquidation is occurring.
  • reserveCurrency: address of the token to swap for collateral. This is the common currency held by the DSProxy.
  • sponsor: address of the sponsor who's liquidation is disputed.
  • liquidationId: index of the liquidation for the given sponsor.
  • maxReserveTokenSpent: maximum number of reserve tokens to spend in the trade. Bounds slippage.
  • deadline: abort the trade and dispute if the transaction is mined after this timestamp.
subOrZero(struct FixedPoint.Unsigned a, struct FixedPoint.Unsigned b) → struct FixedPoint.Unsigned (internal)
getCollateralBalance(contract IFinancialContract fc) → struct FixedPoint.Unsigned (internal)