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Trading contract used to arb uniswapV3 pairs to a desired "true" price. Intended use is to arb UMA perpetual synthetics that trade off peg. This implementation can ber used in conjunction with a DSProxy contract to atomically swap and move a uniswap market.


swapToPrice(bool tradingAsEOA, address uniswapPool, address uniswapRouter, uint160 sqrtRatioTargetX96, address recipient, uint256 deadline) → uint256 (external)

Swaps an amount of either pool tokens such that the trade results in the uniswap pair's price equaling a desired price.

The desired price is represented as sqrtRatioTargetX96. This is the Price^(1/2) * 96^2. The caller must approve this contract to spend whichever token is intended to be swapped.


  • tradingAsEOA: bool to indicate if the UniswapBroker is being called by a DSProxy or an EOA.
  • uniswapPool: address of the pool to uniswap v3 trade against.
  • uniswapRouter: address of the uniswap v3 router to route the trade.
  • sqrtRatioTargetX96: target, encoded price.
  • recipient: address that the output tokens should be sent to.
  • deadline: to limit when the trade can execute. If the tx is mined after this timestamp then revert.